Focus Group Discussions

Up to 12 participants simultaneously – precise, quick and authentic in intonation. Not only will you hear what is being said but also “how” it is said. For more than 20 years I have had the pleasure to work as simultaneous translator in market research. There is hardly a topic I have not prepared for. From cleaning agents for the household to open heart surgery, I continue to enjoy preparing for my job and to learn about new topics.

Focus-group with up to 12 participants, inhome-interviews, shop-alongs or car cliniques – being a stress-tested and stress-resistant translator in market research I am ready for your assignment. On top of my priorities in my job is the precise translation of the communication, of the atmosphere, the tonality – thus ensuring a lively and precise delivery into the target language.

Which languages?

My working languages are: German, French and English, i.e. I translate simultaneously from German into English or French and from English into German or French. 

Your benefit:

  • A complete language service from one source.
  •  Transparent all inclusive costs.



I will also be glad to organize and coordinate interpretation into other target languages. Additionally, in cooperation with my network of certified translators I offer you translations of your research material. With many years of experience in market research we are well trained in translating screeners, concepts, questionnaires, guidelines and stimulus material. Furthermore, we are happy to transcribe your interviews, monolingual or including a translation into the desired language.


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