More than 20 years of experience working in the political, the entertainment or in the business area. Various themes in various settings spanning from board meetings to shiatsu workshops.

Which languages? My working languages are German, French and English, i.e. I translate from German into English and French and from German and English into French. I am ready to play an active part in organizing a multi-lingual team of translators for other languages and the coordination on site.


How do I translate? Offering simultaneous translation from the interpreter booth at conferences, general meetings, board meetings, symposiums, industry meetings, workshops, seminars and works meetings. I am prepared to accompany your factory tours or delegation visits while translating everything that is being said consecutively or via portable sound transmission. Some meetings take place in smaller circles, not requiring the set up of interpreting technology – here I will translate in whisper mode.


Get conference interpreting and equipment from a single source.

In cooperation with my experienced partners


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